Peerbridge Health™ Highlights Critical Link Between AFib and Sleep Apnea

In partnership with leading sleep apnea companies, Peerbridge’s pilot program offers patients combined monitoring for AFib and sleep apnea to help physicians diagnose and treat patients more quickly and effectively, improving overall outcomes

Peerbridge Health recently launched a pilot program offering physicians a powerful combination of early detection and screening devices for patients with atrial fibrillation (AFib) and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Currently, 92 million patients in the U.S. have cardiovascular disease, with an estimated 40-80% of those patients suffering from sleep apnea. Unfortunately, 80% of those patients remain undiagnosed, increasing their risk of an Afib recurrence after treatment.

“For the best patient outcomes, we must address other health disorders like sleep apnea while treating for AFib and other heart conditions,” said Dr. Brian Kolski, Director at Orange County Heart Institute. “Combining the superior diagnostic accuracy of the Peerbridge Cor with the convenience and reliability of a trusted sleep apnea monitor is a win-win for physicians and patients, allowing expedited treatment for both conditions and reducing recurrence rates of AFib.”

Peerbridge is collaborating with sleep apnea companies to highlight the critical link between these serious health issues. As part of the pilot, physicians can prescribe the Peerbridge Cor™ and an overnight sleep apnea monitor together, offering a simplified and more efficient way to diagnose and treat patients for both health challenges. The multi-channel Cor is a comfortable wireless electrocardiogram (ECG) patch that records every heartbeat while transmitting patient activated events in near-real-time, and is the only wireless ECG patch that can identify and quantify 31 rhythm statements.

“Awareness continues to build between the direct correlation of AFib and sleep apnea, especially with the American Heart Association’s recent recommendation to screen for sleep apnea in patients with recurrent AFib,” said Adrian Gilmore, CEO at Peerbridge Health. “We’re excited to advance the screening, detection and treatment of patients suffering from these serious health challenges.”

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