Transforming Remote Healthcare with the Power of AI + ECG

We believe the heart has an important story to tell about our total health – one that goes beyond what is currently thought possible. We are transforming remote healthcare with a powerful AI-driven ECG platform that predicts and diagnoses the most prevalent chronic conditions affecting people today, so they can live longer, healthier lives tomorrow.

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Elevating Ambulatory ECG

In a world with more than 200 AECG patches, the Peerbridge CorTM is unmatched. Our patented 3-lead, 2-channel wireless AECG patch is the only device designed on Einthoven’s Triangle, mirroring traditional 12-lead Holter placement. Cor is the voice of the heart, capturing 31 rhythms with superior recording fidelity, P-wave definition, and QRS morphology. Our precision reporting provides an actionable snapshot of the heart’s rhythms, variability, and responsivity to help physicians remotely diagnose patients with serious cardiovascular conditions.

Extending Quality of Life with Breakthrough Technology

Driven by advanced AI technology, proprietary algorithms, and the highest quality ECG recordings, we’re developing new ways to detect health risks for adults battling a chronic illness, like heart failure, obstructive sleep apnea, and cardiotoxicity – all with a simple AECG test. The Cor platform will surpass the current limits of AECG so physicians can address health conditions more quickly and accurately, and with less expense – with the goal of extending every patient’s quality of life.

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