Peerbridge Cor™: AI enabled, FDA-cleared ECG Wearable Reimagining the Future of Cardiac Care

The Cor platform’s advanced ambulatory ECG capabilities transform healthcare, enabling faster, more accurate, and affordable diagnoses that enhance patients’ quality of life.

Only patented 3 lead, 2-channel wireless AECG patch with Einthoven triangle design

Proprietary algorithm to compute derived 12 lead

Explainable AI markers for Hospital Grade Indications (under trial)

Hospital-grade diagnostics and monitoring anywhere, anytime (under trial)

Elevating Ambulatory ECG

The Peerbridge Cor is the voice of the heart, capturing 31 rhythms with superior recording fidelity, P-wave definition, and QRS morphology.

Prevention and Intervention

Reinventing Heart Failure Detection

Early detection and treatment of heart failure can significantly improve patient outcomes and alleviate the strain on healthcare systems. Peerbridge Cor’s innovative remote monitoring solution enables timely and accurate diagnosis, even in asymptomatic individuals, presenting a more accessible and cost-effective approach than traditional methods.


What Physicians Say About Us

Andrea Natale, M.D. Executive Medical Director, Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia Center

The Peerbridge Cor is quickly becoming a transformative multipurpose diagnostic tool, facilitating early interventions that will enhance the quality of life for our cardiovascular patients

Brian Kolski, M.D. Director of Structural Heart Disease at Saint Joseph Hospital in Orange County, Calif.

As a physician, the ability to intervene for patients before an emergency visit represents a significant opportunity for patient health. It also allows us to inexpensively expand our care to patients who currently aren’t being reached.

Nicholas Skipitaris, M.D., MBA Western Regional Director, Cardiac Electrophysiology, Northwell Health

This technology offers significant clinical value to heart failure and cardiac patients throughout their continuum of care, with improved monitoring and treatment of their conditions – whether they are in a clinic, hospital, or at home.

Working for the Future

Home Comfort, Expert Supervision

By 2030, the predicted shortage of more than 120,000 cardiologists will significantly impact healthcare accessibility. Peerbridge Cor will be a leader in early, virtual diagnosis for patients in outpatient settings to reduce hospital stays and improve outcomes by measuring both normal and irregular beats with little disruption to a patients’ daily life.

The Cor Difference

Results in Minutes

With Peerbridge Cor, physicians can remotely monitor and deliver an accurate heart failure diagnosis within 30 minutes of applying Cor, compared to the current diagnosis timeline of 11-15 weeks with in-hospital screening tools.

The Future of Peerbridge Health:
Enabling Hospital-Grade Diagnostics and Monitoring Across the Care Continuum

Ambulatory ECG

Continuous monitoring of a patient’s heart activity while they go about their daily activities outside of a clinical setting.

Primary Care

On-demand diagnostics and screening tools with <10 minutes of wear.

Medical Research Professionals

Enabling simplified and accelerated research.

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