About us

Driving better health outcomes through remote monitoring

Following the launch of the Peerbridge CorTM, we are furthering the Peerbridge vision of removing all wires from the patient monitoring experience, both in and out of the hospital

Headquartered in New York, NY, Peerbridge Health is a Digital Health company focused on user comfort, medical necessity, and insurance requirements.

Our flagship product, the Peerbridge CorTM is a compact, lightweight, wireless electrocardiogram (ECG) that delivers multiple channels of clean, analyzable data.

Equipped with a certified monitoring facility, Peerbridge ensures the greatest care is given to those that rely on our products and reporting services.

We hold several pioneering patents incorporating multiple on-body sensors that speak to a single transmitter to communicate vital sign information.

Our primary purpose is helping health professionals bridge the knowledge gap with their patients about effective healthcare planning, through easy-to-use remote monitoring devices.

We believe patient care is changing. It’s becoming more personalized, while more emphasis is also being placed on compliance and efficacy. It’s important for the healthcare system to adopt new, innovative technology that can help to improve quality of care and patient compliance.

The Peerbridge Cor is the smallest and lightest multi-channel ECG achieving patient compliance, accurate data capture, and expedited time to diagnosis. Following its launch, the next generation of the Cor product line will be made available.