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Peerbridge Health Clinical Specialist Conquers the LA Marathon Wearing the Peerbridge Cor


Learn more about how Clinical Specialist Jessica Smith accomplished her goal of finishing the LA Marathon

Jessica Smith, Peerbridge Health Clinical Specialist, wasn’t always a runner. In fact, when she told her husband she planned to run the Los Angeles (L.A.) Marathon in November 2021, he thought she might be joking.

“Two and half years ago, I couldn’t even run one mile without stopping to walk,” said Jessica. “Running an entire marathon – 26.2 miles total – didn’t seem like a possibility.”

Always an avid hiker, Jessica felt motivated to try something new. She began with small goals – like making it through the first mile – then moved on to longer distances. Slowly but surely, Jessica saw progress and was soon able to run five miles at a time, then 10 and 15 miles.

“I’m a very determined person, so I knew if I kept trying that I would get better,” said Jessica. “I went from not enjoying running at all to loving it!”

During the past summer, Jessica decided to take her newfound passion for running to the next level by signing up for the L.A. Marathon. She’d never participated in any timed race event before.

“Go big or go home, right?” said Jessica with a laugh.

She started working with a running coach a couple of months before the marathon to get herself prepared – both physically and mentally. Her goal: finish the race in less than six hours.

Jessica worked with a running coach to prepare for the 26.2 mile run

Race day came on November 7, and Jessica woke up that morning excited for the challenge ahead. The day before, she also applied the Peerbridge Cor, an ambulatory wireless ECG, to monitor her heart throughout the event.

When the race started, Jessica and the Peerbridge Cor were ready to do their jobs. Jessica’s husband joined her on his bike and rode along the course for support. Things were going well till she hit mile 21.

“The last few miles were extremely tough for me,” said Jessica. “At that point, finishing the marathon became a mental game. Seeing the other runners around me – some much older –motivated me to keep going.”

Jessica pushed through and finished the race in just under six hours, meeting her goal – with the Cor device still firmly in place.

“The Cor is so light and comfortable, I honestly forgot I was wearing it throughout the marathon,” said Jessica. “When I checked, it was always there. It just moves with your body and I never had to worry about it.”

Good skin preparation before device application and a best-in-class adhesive contributed to Jessica’s positive experience with the Cor, but she was even happier to see her ECG results.

Example of Jessica's ECG strip - during the marathon
Example of Jessica’s ECG strip – during the marathon
Example of Jessica’s ECG strip – post-marathon

“As a Cardiovascular Technician certified in rhythm analysis, I know the importance of a high-quality, accurate ECG,” Jessica said. “My results were crystal clear throughout the marathon. The strip quality is leaps and bounds above any competitor out there.”

A few weeks post-race and Jessica is still savoring her entry into the elite club of Americans that have completed a marathon (less than 1%), and she’s already contemplating her next race.

“I never thought I’d run a marathon, much less consider doing it twice.” said Jessica. “I feel really great about my accomplishment, and I feel even more confident in my experience after wearing the Cor. We were both put to the ultimate test and we succeeded!”

Jessica finished the marathon in under 6 hours while wearing the Peerbridge Cor

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