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Peerbridge Health and BetterNight Partnership Addresses Unmet Need in AFib and Sleep Apnea Coordinated Care

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A unique new care management solution will accelerate diagnosis and treatment of AFib and sleep apnea patients in cardiology practices

Peerbridge Health and BetterNight are partnering on a unique new care management solution designed specifically for cardiology practices for earlier  identification, treatment, and optimization of ongoing care management of patients with atrial fibrillation (AFib) and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The partnership addresses a critical unmet need in the market where there is currently a lack of coordinated care for patients with both AFib and OSA. In addition, this collaboration aims to improve overall patient outcomes and has the potential to save healthcare providers thousands of dollars per patient each year by accelerating diagnosis and treatment of these prevalent conditions.

“The connection between heart and sleep conditions has never been more clear, however diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea is still not consistent across cardiology,” said Adrian Gilmore, CEO at Peerbridge Health. “We’re excited to partner with BetterNight to offer physicians a seamless solution that addresses this challenge head on and improves the lives of their patients.”

Currently, there are 6 million patients in the U.S. diagnosed with AFib, with 82% of those patients referred for ablation suffering from undiagnosed sleep apnea. If left untreated, sleep apnea increases the likelihood of poor health outcomes for this patient population by more than 25%, including failed treatments, heart failure, and sudden cardiac death.

Peerbridge Health and BetterNight are uniquely positioned to deliver a more streamlined and effective way to co-manage patients with AFib or OSA, with a full spectrum solution tailored to specific practice needs without interruption to workflow. Physicians can prescribe the Peerbridge Cor™, a best-in-class wireless electrocardiogram (ECG) patch, while proactively addressing and assessing a patient’s sleep health with BetterNight. At the time of diagnosis, the combined “heart and sleep” platform will initiate coordinated and individualized support services for each patient that supports their treatment and ongoing care, while also easing the administrative burden on physicians.

“In the US, more than $150 billion is wasted each year on failed treatments and serious health conditions stemming from undiagnosed sleep apnea,” said Dave French, CEO at BetterNight. “Improving health outcomes is at the heart of our collaboration with Peerbridge. We’re looking forward to combining our strengths to offer a patient-centric solution to cardiologists that improves outcomes and lowers cost of care.”

About Peerbridge Health

Peerbridge Health™ is a digital health company with a focus on advancing the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease. The Peerbridge CorTM, the company’s core offering, is a 5-in-1 multi-channel wireless ECG patch that records every heartbeat while transmitting patient-activated events in near-real-time. The Cor is the only wireless ECG patch that can identify and quantify 31 rhythm statements. Peerbridge is committed to ensuring the greatest care is extended to those who rely on our products and ECG reporting services. The company holds several pioneering patents incorporating multiple on-body sensors that communicate vital sign information via a single transmitter. For more information, visit

About BetterNight

BetterNight is one of the nation’s leading digitally based comprehensive virtual-care sleep solution companies. The BetterNight virtual pathway includes a sleep health assessment, a telemedicine-based consultation, an in-home diagnostic study, and a therapy modality delivered directly to the patient’s home. The Company utilizes remote patient monitoring and qualified sleep coaches to assist patients when needed. BetterNight also offers a digital therapeutic program to assist patients suffering from insomnia. Results include lower cost of care,  superior adherence, and improved patient satisfaction, resulting in healthier lives and healthcare cost savings. BetterNight’s mission is to have a positive impact on the lives of people living with sleep disorders by simplifying the complex process from diagnosis to treatment.

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