The Platform

Our cloud-based algorithms connect patients and medical professionals to enable a more timely and proactive care

Most Comfortable and Complete Heart Monitor

  • Shower friendly and FDA cleared, the Peerbridge CorTM is the smallest and lightest multi-channel wireless ECG available
  • Cellular connectivity ensures patient activated events are expeditiously transmitted to medical professionals
  • A carefully crafted ergonomic design offers a full week of 24/7 monitoring, accommodating the most active lifestyle
  • Full quantitative analysis is completed on every Peerbridge test, across multiple ECG channels
  • Optional QT monitoring available

Replacing the Holter

In a side by side Clinical Trial, the Peerbridge Cor System was worn alongside the traditional Holter, previously seen as the gold standard ECG technology. Not only did the Peerbridge technology provide cleaner data, but it excelled in all 4 testing areas over the Holter:

  1. Analyzable time (AT)
  2. ECG strip quality (SQ)
  3. ECG strip interpretability (SI)
  4. Diagnostic sensitivity and specificity (SS)

Clinical Trial at Lenox Hill Hospital

Compared to traditional Holter technology, the Peerbridge Cor is surprisingly small, completely wireless, and delivers patient triggered events to the cloud at a click of a button.

To prove the Cor’s efficacy, a clinical trial was conducted at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. Patients with known atrial fibrillation and other arrythmia were asked to wear both a traditional Holter Monitor as well as the Peerbridge Cor Technology.

In a blinded review, the results were compared and confirmed the Cor’s multi-channel ECG tracings showed cleaner data compared to the Holter monitor during the same time period.

About Lenox Hill Hospital

Lenox Hill Hospital is a 652-bed, acute care hospital located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. A staple in the community for more than 150 years, the hospital has earned a national reputation for outstanding patient care and innovative medical and surgical treatments. The mission of Lenox Hill Hospital is to deliver outstanding healthcare with compassion and respect, to promote wellness in its communities, and to advance the field of medicine through education and research.

The hospital is particularly well known for excellence in internal medicine, cardiovascular disease, orthopaedics, sports medicine, otolaryngology/head and neck surgery and maternal/child health. The hospital is also a recognized leader in public health education and community outreach.

Summary: Peerbridge Cor Clinical Trial at Lenox Hill Hospital

  • Patient data was collected via the traditional Holter (known as the gold standard) and Peerbridge Cor
  • Data was then processed using FDA-cleared arrhythmia algorithm
  • ECG data generated by both devices was assessed, using 1400 datasets from each of them (2,800 in total)
  • Datasets were randomly selected but time-matched between the devices to make sure like-for-like data was being compared
  • ECG data was then randomized and presented to 2 Certified Cardiographic Technicians who were blinded to the device that captured the data
  • The data was scored using a 5-point scale which evaluated clarity and interpretability compared to the gold standard Holter

Product Development

In 2006, Peerbridge founder, Dr. Angelo Acquista set out his vision of wireless monitoring of vital signs to enable continuous monitoring and faster diagnosis of health conditions.

Now, the company’s first product, the Peerbridge Cor has received FDA clearance, and our near term goal is to make ECG monitoring easier and more accessible to those with suspected arrhythmia.

To further Dr. Acquista’s vision, Peerbridge is working in partnership with leading hospitals and mobile health companies to bring a complete set of wireless monitoring to patients in and outside the hospital.

Future products will expand on existing cardiac metrics adding more vitals and ways for patients to communicate more effectively with physicians.