Health and cost benefits

No More Waiting Lists or Expensive Monitors. Only Simple, Cost Effective, ECG Reporting

Broad insurance reimbursement considerations allow for 100% coverage nation-wide on the most common heart rhythm monitoring tests.

Complete data, clear reporting

  • Continuous monitoring suitable for any environment, including daily showers and exercise
  • Capable of up to seven-days of uninterrupted monitoring, with live events
  • Specific patient and physician alerts to ensure notifications and reporting align with specific practice needs
  • Prompt overreading by certified cardiac technicians

Accelerated diagnosis and care

  • Quantitative beat-to-beat reporting over the entire monitoring period
  • Patients events are available in near real-time, subject to physician and patient connectivity
  • Speed of reporting enables faster review and clinical intervention
  • Reports are made readily available through the secure Peerbridge portal

Product and Reporting Delivered Quickly and Seamlessly