Return for Full Report

Attach – Wear – Return

Returning the Cor with Pre-Paid UPS Shipper

Before your doctor receives a full report, simply remove the device from your chest in the privacy of your own home, place all 3 components back in the original box with the pre-paid UPS postage underneath, then drop it at your nearest UPS store or drop-off location (see UPS’s website to find your closest drop location).

All 3 critical components, below must be returned at the end of the testing period. If you choose to keep any of the following, an additional fee will be applied.

  • Peerbridge Cor, Wearable
  • Handheld Transmitter (i.e. Mobile Phone)
  • Wall Charger


Please note, most healthcare providers will bill your insurance directly for the Cor heart monitor. We recommend that you ask your doctor if their office or Peerbridge will be sending a bill.