For Patients

Latin For “Heart” The “Cor” is a Wearable ECG, Designed for Up To 7 Days of Continuous Monitoring.

Peerbridge Cor improves the patient experience so that monitoring is a seamless fit in the daily lives of our users.

High Satisfaction Rating Among Patients

Advancing Cardiac Monitoring by Putting the Patient First. 

Many that have experienced the Peerbridge Cor prefer it over Holter monitors and other ECG patches, ranking the Peerbridge Cor as their preferred medial Cardiac solution.

  • Easy Application
    Less then 10 minutes to apply the Cor patch and learn the intuitive mobile app
  • Fast Mobile Transmission of Symptomatic Cardiac Events
    Providing physicians with readily accessible information on individual patients
  • Peace of Mind and Security
    Knowing Peerbridge has ECG technicians on watch helps offer a sense of security
  • Comfort and Flexibility 
    The flexible, shower-friendly design means that users can easily go about their daily activities and exercises.

Continuously Monitoring

Day and night, the Peerbridge Cor passively monitors your heart’s health while blending into a user’s daily routine

Shower & Exercise Friendly

Specialist adhesives have been formulated to absorb body moisture while maintaining a barrier to external moisture, ensuring a comfortable yet firm hold during daily showers and moderate exercise.

We’re Accelerating the Diagnosis and Treatment of Cardiac Arrhythmia

The American Heart Association reports cardiovascular disease as the top killer of American adults. Our mission at Peerbridge is to utilize innovative technology to monitor the heart health of patients.

The Peerbridge Cor is a simple adhesive wearable that monitors every heartbeat, 24 hours a day, for up to 7 days. Any number of daily activities (stress, eating, drinking, exercise, etc.) could trigger an irregular beat, making it critical to monitor users over multiple days while going about their typical daily routine.

After 7 full days of monitoring, a physician is provided with enough data to accurately determine the health of your heart.

Becoming the new gold standard

Peerbridge Cor has the potential to be the new gold standard in heart health monitoring. In a clinical trial at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, Peerbridge technology delivered superior, multi-channel analyzable data, less motion artifact and fewer false positives than existing Holter technology.

Traditional Holter heart monitors are wired devices, whereas the Peerbridge Cor is completely wireless and exceptionally small. It is easy to apply and blends well into daily activities, regardless of the level of activity.

The Cor has a water-resistant seal meaning patients can even wear the device in the shower. Continuous wear by patients is made easy, giving physicians the complete data they need for fast and accurate diagnosis.

Comparisons to other wearable devices

Once an arrhythmia is suspected, a quick diagnosis and treatment is paramount.

Record-only patch devices limited to a single channel ECG are known to take up to a month to deliver any meaningful data to the prescribing physician for review.

The Peerbridge Cor was designed to accelerate diagnosis and time to treatment by monitoring multiple views of the heart. The Cor then goes an extra step by sending patient-activated events directly to Peerbridge Health’s monitoring facility equipped with licensed professionals to alert your physician if needed.