Core Values

Peerbridge’s Guiding Principles

Our Core Values

Peerbridge’s core values are the guiding principles that support our efforts to achieve our vision.

TRUST: We strive to earn trust in every interaction by acting with integrity, being earnest, and by being respectful of everyone. We work to build a culture that is rich in equality, free of fear, and judgement.

STRATEGIC THINKING: We are deliberate in our thinking, expecting vigorous challenges and meaningful collaboration. We seek the best idea available, regardless of its source.

PERSEVERANCE & RESILIENCY: Results matter and we seek people that can work through difficulty and adversity to achieve desired outcomes. We value the ability to recover quickly after a setback.

CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT: We strive to continually improve the quality of life for patients and the outcomes for our customers, team members, shareholders, and our supply partners.

COURAGE & INITIATIVE: We promote the courage to be heard and to try something different in the spirit of better. We see initiative as one of the most important personal traits that our team members can demonstrate.